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Skirting board heating

Warm Colours, Warm Rooms – Plastering, Decorating and Skirting Board Heating

A heating refit, to save energy and money, doesn’t have to start and stop with just fitting the skirting board heating. Once you have calculated the area of each room in cubic feet or metres; and worked out how many feet or metres of active heated skirting board you need, you’ll be ripping off the existing skirting, getting rid of your rads – and then of course your home will suddenly have all these bare stripes at the bottom of the walls. Or, even worse, stripes showing the original colours before all those years of wear and tear dulled them down significantly…

Of course if you’re refitting your heating you are probably looking to raise the energy performance levels of your home. This can be achieved by only putting in the skirting board heating – or you can raise your property’s energy performance still further by taking off the existing plasterboard and fitting insulated board instead.

The extent to which you take back a room, or all the rooms in your home, before you begin to build your new and more energy efficient environment depends on the type of building you live in. Older properties, notoriously inefficient when it comes to insulation, may benefit from a proper decorative refit – having all the old  plasterboard taken away, the walls dusted and sealed and the insulated board mentioned above fitted and decorated.

In a newer or more recently furbished property, you don’t need to go to such drastic measures. But it can still be a nice time to get plasterers and decorators in to give the place a bit of a spruce up. A new colour, perhaps a warmer tone to go with your new efficient heating system, can give a room a whole new lease of life. Or if you want to go the whole hog, you can retrofit with heated skirting board and then finish with a new coat of plaster and some insulating paint – which reflects heat back into the room.

Rejuvenating your home’s heating is a perfect time to change the overall look and feel of the place. When you switch to skirting board heating, you’ll expose areas of wall that used to be blocked by radiators. At the very least these will need the attentions of a painter and decorator.

Heated skirting board presents a smart, modern appearance – and can be specified in a variety of finishes and colours to suit most interior designs. As such, you can either choose the skirting boards that go with your existing decorative scheme – or, working with a painter and decorator to design a new one, you can develop the interior you’ve always wanted. Warmer, cheaper to run, and smart too.

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