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Title: 5 Tools For Your Home Improvement

When it comes to home improvement, many people like to take the do-it-yourself approach. Of course, certain tasks around the house require a professional hand – but thanks to improved selections of professional grade tools and gadgets, as well as the prevalence of thorough instructions easily accessible online, there is always more that people can do on their own. However, whether you’re new to DIY home improvement, or an experienced veteran, and whether you’re in a new home or renovating one you’ve lived in a while, it is always important to start with the right tools. With that in mind, here are five of the hottest products, gadgets and tools in home improvement.

1. Rolson Tool Kit

You may have the most essential tools stocked away, but no do-it-yourself home improvement effort is complete without a full, professional tool kit. Rolson’s tool kits are available in multiple editions at My Smart Buy, each with a different number of tools for different purposes, and at different prices. A one time purchase of one of these dynamic tool kits will give you everything you’ll ever need for most tasks around the house.

2. Milwaukee 12-Volt Jigsaw

There are plenty of different tools for cutting boards of wood, but none are as efficient, portable, or simple as this Milwaukee Jigsaw. Featuring changeable blades and a rechargeable battery, the Milwaukee 12-Volt Jigsaw is an excellent power tool for slicing up plywood, which is necessary in a number of home improvements and upgrades (for example, building shelving units).

3. Ryobi TEK4 Stud Sensor

Stud finders are necessary tools in a number of common home improvement tasks (anything that involves invading your walls), and this is certainly one of the best on the market. Featuring an LED screen that locates and defines studs, as well as a warning against driving into live voltage, the Ryobi Tek4 Stud Sensor is a great addition to your tool kit.

4. Bosch PS130-2A Hammer Drill/Driver

A drill and driver combination is one of the most useful power tools in any home improvement arsenal, and few on the market have the same combination of portability and power as this one from Bosch. The power in this device can punch through brick and wood alike, making it perfectly adequate for any use you could find for it around the house.

5. Skil 1400-2 Oscillating Multi-Tool

Handy for tasks like sanding floors and scraping away excess caulk or grout from between tiles, these multi-tools have become more and more common in home improvement kits. There are more expensive, higher performance models available, but the Skil version is affordable and versatile, and should ultimately get the job done all the same.
This is a guest post by freelancer Tom Sizemore. Tom is a blogger who writes on a range of topics related to home improvement and upkeep.

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